CendsPunn.... I Have The Same Mind with You...!
Yes, Yes, Yes....
Well, Well, Well...
It is our gratitude of us from the very most luckiest thing we`ve ever got!!
Last turn to gamble our mark on his paper!!!
I know deep inside ur heart you don`t receive or accept that accusations on our group..!
Honestly, I just wanna be blowed up in that time....
But ... I can`t ....!
Because of what or when, i don`t know..
Selfishness os become the leadway of their choices!!
But, when i would like to do so..!
They don`t want..!
If i refuse to their favor
They`ll judge me as a bad man who don`t knows about mercy..!

Why Do The Selfishness is Drive Them to Make Me Mad..??

But everything has been done to the board..!
Let just God and Himself who knows what we`ve got from our stubborn presentation!!!
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1 Response
  1. yesita rizky Says:

    oji.. mianhae...

    yst minta mav buat pertanyaan yst yg superr foolish.. mav ya kalo cuma nambah kalian susah.. yesi g maksud buat bikin presentasi kalian kacau.. mav..

    but, actully, it was very good presentation..
    maybe your group is the best..


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