STAN TO Wrecked me UP!!

Day started when i wake up on 5 am!!
Even morning hasn`t rise up and my eyes feel like being sit by 1000 demons to stop me from wake up!!
Get up to startin` pray as usual!!
Doing sommething for my relationship between me and The Great Allah!

Don`t know why!!
Feels like my burden getting more on my eyes!
Then I fell in sleep again
Till 6.30 am in the morning!!

In the morning..!
In the MORNING!!
Thanks God i still remember that i have some work to do!
But my eyes said "C`mon, U can wait a little bit!!"
I said "I HAVE TO WAKE UP!!"

Such a big struggle to just even topen my eyes WIDELY!!
It`s my problematic for me to wake up early in the morning!
Don`t know why,  i just feel can`t wake up early!
Cuz it`s not my habit to wake up early since i was a kid!!

Then The Day Activity is about to begin!!
Take a Bath and Dressed Up
Make my permission to mom
Take an Angkot! Go to Ramadita`s House
No other than ""
Well, right now "nebeng!" with Rinung!!

Well, when i`m on the scene!!
So many students come all the way!
From the Handsome and Beautiful one, into the ALAY one!!
It`s a amusement to see ALAY person!!

But our leader told us to re-register our name!!
I need to join with hundreds of person that also waitin` on!

More or Less, it`s smoekind like what seen on picture above!
Oh God, It`s Hot, Humid, Stuffy, Stemming!!

At the last, they said it`s full enough!
No more room and no more paper!!
I just can shocked to hear that!

Give My Money Back, STAN!

Barely in desperateness!
This Place is really made me up..!
Knowing don`t now what to do!
Waitin` on un-sure possibilty!
One of Them Said " For somebody who can`t re-register!
U can go to the hall!"

If it is would be like this!
Why should i queue up!
Damn It!
Entering the hall is the most vicarious one!
I`m a moslem, i just felt like in Church!
Oh God, please strenghten my faith!!

After waiting all along time!
180 questions come all the way!
180 questions!!!
Isn`t it too much!
Full with advanced questions that likely to be appear in some sort of tests!
What should i do?
Then i try to work on it!

But, there is 2 guy sitting behind us and always want to see our answer!
And the victim of them is "Maretta"

To prevent from Shameness after the TO
Some of My Friend Disguise their name !
Here is the list
  1. Ramadita Utami Falezia into Maretta
  2. Yesita Rizky F. P. into Sita 
  3. and many other!

Maretta always become the victim!
Being Asked by UnImportant Questions
Have a UnImportant Chat
Maretta, that`s all for distraction for you
What the want is just ur answer!
And i aware about it, because they also want my answer!!

Oh, for surreal....
This is the bad one TO i ever have!
Now, i`ll just have to wait for unknown results that yet to be explaine would come out Today!!

What it`ll be...?
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